Certified Laravel & iOS Developer

I'm a 5 year iOS developer that was thrown into web development and learned almost everything about it in just a few years and ended up as a web lead of our team. I believe in nothing is impossible and I keep that in the back of my head when developing amazing software, one can never know too much and there is always someone else that knows more or a better way of doing things to learn from.

What excites me about software development is the infinite loop where you struggle with new things and finally get it to work and learn from it, then get a bigger task, it's like a never ending puzzle! I learned so much that every time I think about it I tell myself I would never have thought that this would be possible a year ago, and that keeps me going!

I keep my skills up with every new client that wants something totally different from other clients and projects and then have to learn the background of the industry and get the project done like I promised. I believe when saying yes to every client's requirements I am forced to learn new things and improve my experience in that field until I have experience in all fields and industries, I've pretty much worked on at least 1 website or app in every field.

"Only place where success comes before work, is in the dictionary."