I'm currently unemployed and looking for a positive, enthusiastic engineering team to work with and learn from that will provide me with challenging, interesting work that I can contribute to. I like to be thrown in the deep end to learn new things. I love Laravel and to work with servers and API integrations.

In the process of becoming Laravel certified this Nov/Dec.

I'm interested in a Senior/Lead Laravel Developer role. I’m not really into frontend or design, I prefer the logical approached of backend engineering. I'm open to all industries as I fall in love with the product I work on no matter which field, and I definitely take pride in what I build!

Things I would like to learn/improve:
  • Everything Laravel!
  • All Amazon services (AWS)
  • Web Sockets
  • MongoDB
  • macOS software written in Swift or Java
  • Improve on VueJS
Detailed work history and experience can be found here.