Certified Laravel & iOS Developer

I'm a 5-year iOS developer that was thrown into web development and learned almost everything about Laravel and SysAdmin in just 2 years and ended up as lead of our team. I believe in "nothing is impossible" and I keep that in the back of my head while developing amazing software, one can never know too much and there is always room to improve.

What excites me about software development is the infinite loop where you struggle with things and finally get it to work and learn from it, then get a bigger task or something you never done before. It's like a never ending puzzle, and that keeps me going!

I keep my skills up with every new client that wants something totally different from other clients and projects. I believe when saying 'yes' to every client's requirements, I am forced to learn new things and improve. I also like to take StackOverflow questions/issues in my own hands and fix their problems, helping them and learning from it.

INFJ-T Personality

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